I Contemplated Suicide Twice – RTP Awards CEO

Prince Mackay Talks about Life, RTP Awards and More

The RTP Awards CEO, Mr Prince Mackay has finally opened up about his battle with betrayal, which made him contemplate suicide more than once.
Speaking to hostess Stacy on Joy Prime’s ‘Restoration with Stacy’ (RWS) programme, Mr Mackay recalled how his former finance manager bolted with the entire profit for the RTP awards in 2013.
According to him, two days after the programme, the manager in-charge of tickets had also bolted to USA with the huge sum of money.
Based on this backdrop, Mr Mackay attempted to commit suicide when he couldn’t even pay the salaries of organizers he hired.
“In 2012, it was a great show but the person who I put in charge to handle my tickets and everything left with my money. When I said I wanted an account after the show. He had already left to America. He took everything away. I went home hungry. For three months, I don’t know how I survived. That was tough. A lot of things came into my mind to end it all and go…” he revealed.
Interestingly, the CEO was again hit with a similar misfortune when the person he appointed for the same position allegedly took bribes to ‘sabotage’ his show in 2013.
He explained that, “In 2013, the person I put in charge was also bribed to kill the show. Even people suggested that the awards show was to be taken from me and given to other event houses. And they were the people sabotaging…” he said.
Being a victim of such betrayal. Prince Mackay claimed terminating his life was much better than living on hope but his Christian doctrines never permitted him.
“I was raised in Christ so it was impossible for me to kill myself. The vision should have died long ago. I’m a twin. God gave me a thick skin…” he maintained.
Nonetheless, he however rubbished the rumours circulating in the public domain that his management is corrupt.
“I have dealt with these logistic owners and they will tell you that you are different. They say I am the only one who pays before the show. With the so-called big shows they pay them after six months. People pay the press to discredit me…” he added
“RTP is never for sale and it would never be like that. It is not possible to cheat. I don’t leave the back stage till the results are out. We never know who is winning…” he maintained.
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