New Podcast 'Sincerely Accra' to address Socio-cultural Lives of young Ghanaians

Sincerely Accra is the Newest Podcast in Town

They say history tends to repeat itself, but I disagree. Things don’t simply come back. Instead, they grow out of a historical soil enriched by lessons of years prior.
Welcome to the world of podcasting, the digital phenomenon that’s slowly taking over the online content space and gradually supplanting radio.
Here in Accra, podcasts have become quite popular among the millennial group and rightfully so as it is ideal for the traffic-ridden commute to and from work.
Many existing podcasts are making the rounds here in Ghana and new to the group is Kwame Asante Ofori and Joseph Nti‘s ‘Sincerely Accra’.
Joseph Nti (Host)and Kwame Asante Ofori (Producer) bring you a vox-pop driven podcast set in the nation’s capital – Accra.
Sincerely Accra is fast-paced, colorful and heated just like the city.
With a series of wildly constructed questions, Joseph lends his candor to some of the issues that plague the socio-cultural lives of young Ghanaians set against the nostalgic musings of music selection and quality production by Kwame Asante.
Together, the duo’s energy and refreshing take on the art of podcasting is a much welcome addition to the scene.
As a part of the Gold Coast Report (GCR) Podcast Network, Sincerely Accra is available on the Apple podcast app, Google Play, Stitcher and Spotify.
Kwame and Joseph are already 8 episodes in so far and we are loving every minute of it. Be sure to check them out and subscribe for new episodes every other week.
Follow the show, and discover other GCR podcasts on Twitter (@GoldCoastReport and Instagram @TheGoldCoastReport.

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