Jooyeon heavily Criticized over Rude Remarks Toward Fellow Guests on ‘Radio Star’

Lee Jooyeon

Former After School member Jooyeon is receiving heavy criticism for her rude remarks and behavior on MBC’s ‘Radio Star.’

On March 6, Jooyeon, Song Jae Rim, Kwak Dong yeon, and Ahn Woo Yeon guested on the talk show. From the very beginning, Jooyeon raised eyebrows by asking the MCs to not give her many questions.

Throughout the talk show, Jooyeon was often seen not paying attention when other guests were speaking, and even embarrassed Song Jae Rim by suddenly saying, “Oppa your stories are boring.”

When Kwak Dong Yeon revealed he doesn’t have much dating experience and his longest relationship only lasted 90 days, Jooybeon went, “Psshh,” and laughed in a mocking tone. To this, Kwak Dong Yeon said, “You know you are laughing at all the people in the country who only had short relationships.”

Following the broadcast, many viewers expressed discomfort with Jooyeon‘s behavior on the show. The issue made many headlines and netizens commented, “Does she not have a brain?” “She was so rude and thoughtless,” “It was uncomfortable to watch. She must think she’s all that,” “She’s not ‘unique.’ She’s just weird and thoughtless,” “She sounded so dumb. Why go on a talk show if you don’t want to answer questions?”



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