Meet Twins who had Cosmetic Surgeries to Look More Similar, Sleep with Same Boyfriend — PHOTOS

Meet Anna and Lucy DeCinque: World’s Most Identical Twins

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are arguably the “world’s most identical twins” and the two (2) are living life to the fullest.

Since 2012, the sisters from Perth, Australia have shared the same boyfriend Ben Byrne.

Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 33, are however not allowed to marry him, since laws in the country frowns on that.

They revel that they enjoy seducing or making love together, in bed.

They have had a number of cosmetic surgeries to look more identical than before, hence, their “world’s most identical twins” tag. brings you some photos of the identical twin sisters who the world is talking about.

This collection will make you find it difficult to identify who is the older and who is younger, even if you are told and asked to point on a second look.

Check them out!

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