Asa “Thank God” After Motor Accident

Asa-Cover-Photo (1)Nigerian singer Asa who was involved in a motor accident during the early hours of Tuesday has thanked the Almighty God for saving her life.

The accident happened in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, when a car knocked the Afro-soul singer as she was crossing an intersection during a walk.

Following the accident, the ‘Jailer’ hit maker felt dizzy and went into coma for a moment but has since admitted she is very fine by taking it to social networking site twitter:

‘I was crossing an intersection, going for a walk, a car turning didn’t see me and boom!! Sent me flying. Thank God I landed on my padded butt. The only thing that got crushed was my water bottle‘, she narrated.

‘‘The driver wore tiny frames that f’ed up her peripherals. Told her she need jumbo glasses like mine. I’m well just a little wooz. I feel a little woozy. But everything’s fine. Got a ride in a police car and let the driver off with stern warning‘, she concluded her frightening story.

The singer then calmed her worried fans; ‘Was in shock for a minute. Paramedics checked my blood pressure. Everything’s fine. Thank God I’m alive today. Hope you are well’.


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