Editorial: Confidence Haugen; A Disgrace on the VGMA 2013 Red Carpet?

Benny Blanco and Confidence HaugenAt the mention of former Big Brother Africa Ghanaian representative as host of the Red Carpet session of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2013, one thing went through mind and guess you want to know. That was, didn’t Charterhouse learn anything from her poor performance/showing the previous year? A second sharp thought flashed down my mind saying, “She could pull a big surprise this year as she might have learnt from the last one she did” and true to the second thought, she pulled a surprise only to disgrace herself the more. These are my personal opinions though.

You want to know why? Keep reading as I espouse on what she did in particular.

I found it quite interesting and disrespectful to ask very distinguished industry personalities on the Red Carpet their names and their profession. “Hello what’s your name?”, “………….I hear you are a musician, what songs do you do?? Just as most ladies will say, “Like seriously?” I even felt more embarrassed when Confidence asked Knii Lantey, a well known musician his name and his profession, something I felt was an insult. Well, she could be pardoned if she didn’t know some of these new artists but for Knii Lantey and many others?? Gosh!! Confidence, you could have asked even before the cameras were directed at you since Benny Blanco was on the other side interviewing others and guess what, not just anybody went through the red carpet session for interviews so you should have known.

Also, I believe the purpose of the Red Carpet was not an avenue to ask family and ancestry questions as I saw watching from the comfort of my home. Starting from asking very unnecessary questions to the sensationalism with which she interviewed some people she knows too well. Well, I thought it was one of those antics by event organizers to delay the event just to have the AICC filled up but that was never the case as anyone who watched from home would realise at some point in time and precisely, during the interview with Sarkodie, a shadow in the background could be seen rolling the hands asking her to expedite the interview or possibly run on to a next personality. Maybe, a Joy Fm “OldSkuul Reunion” for Confidence and her friends would do.

You still want to read more? I think the remaining points may be too technical and as such the likes of Ama K. Abebrese, Francis Doku, Kwame Gyan and several industry players would better understand it but trust me, I will keep it somehow simple for you.

Confidence Haugen was most often caught off guard on camera or looked so much into the camera. If you really know what I mean, then you can get this one.

You now know why the Red Carpet alone took over 150 minutes??

Finally, it is necessary I suggest what Confidence Haugen could do next time should she be given the nod by Charterhouse to host the Red Carpet session again as many think Ghanaians only seem to criticise, well, in that sense, I’m more than just a Ghanaian.

First and foremost, the act and art of interviewing and hosting Red Carpets is studied and mastered and she could just be a student of that to better her stands and lest I forget, there were two people hosting the Red Carpet right? However I seem not to have had any problem with Benny Blanco and I so did many people so why Confidence alone?? Girl, it tells you something went wrong so sit up and stop the unnecessary ranting on Twitter.

Source: nydjlive.com


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