Jay Foley And Lousika’s 2131 Records Fool Ghanaians

Did you annex the chance to read the story about rapper, Lousika and her manager, Jay Foley on Wednesday, August 7 which ironically revealed the two are set to engage on Saturday, August 10? It was a total hoax. The femcee and her management deliberately threw dust into the eyes of entertainment fanatics in the country.

Of course, it went viral but if you read it, did you believe it? Seeing the title of the story ‘Lousika Set To Be Engaged To Manager Jay Foley’ before publishing it on zionfelix.com, I (Zionfelix) concluded that there is somebody somewhere who wants to hype Lousika because such thing [call it an error] has little or no chance of happening.

I was singularly not surprised to see the somewhat epic achievements of Lousika and her record label, 2131 written in that piece before the writer pushed the gear to talk about the rumor since the story was aimed at deceiving Ghanaians in order to create awareness that there is a musician somewhere called Lousika.

After reading the last paragraph of the story, I realized my prejudice was just. The story was to inform Ghanaians about a collabo between  Lousika and Bisa Kdei and to brief us about the record label hence the lie.

After reading the story for the first time, I tried to find the source but to no avail until I was rescued by search engine site, Google.com and realized the story was written by the record label 2131.

Why would the management team tell Ghanaians this big lie? What do they take Ghanaians for? They should have been the best people in all capacity to deny the story if they knew beforehand that it was a rumor.

I started to track Lousika to know what she has to say about the rumor and you won’t believe what she said about it. She kept on laughing at all those who tweeted at her to ask whether she was really getting engaged to her manager Jay Foley.

She finally broke silence about the matter whilst Foley had kept mum and said “I’m not getting engaged to Jay Foley !! Fake info !!!.”
If the sole aim of the story was to create a publicity stunt for the record label and Lousika, then I think they should pay a courtesy call on our sultry actress, Yvonne Nelson because they failed. You can deceive us in the price but not in the good.


Source: zionfelix.com

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