Sarkodie Should Tone Down A Bit, He Brags Too Much

SarkodieMost Ghanaian music lovers will be in total shock to hear someone pronounce Sarkodie as a bad emcee even in Africa. Without doubt, Michael Kwesi Owusu Addo is one of the best rappers the country has ever got in its history. The rapper, who has uncountable number of songs to his credit – helping him grab awards at the BET Awards, Ghana Music Awards [two times Artiste of the Year], Nigerian Music Awards [African Artiste of the Year] among others has in most of his music praised himself than anything else.

The rap extraordinaire has songs which cut across all aspect of human life like self-esteem, life motivation, love, unity etc. He has collaborated with innumerable artistes both home and across the continent including Davido, Kesse, Obrafour, M.I, Mohammed, Ice Prince, Efya, Wizkid just to mention but few which has helped him shoot his music career high.

The DuncWills Entertainment and Konvict Music act has for some time now come under severe criticisms for boasting in most of his music. Thus, bragging a lot in most of the songs he releases. What most Ghanaians say whenever he wins an award is ‘he will soon release a song with this achievement.’ True to that, you will in few days hear a song from ‘Obidi’ talking about his new award with his old ones he has won.

There are some songs that critics think there is no need for him to release because it is full of self-glorification. In most of his songs, he brag about Tema [where he resides], his awards, rap lines, lyrics, flows, enemies and some of his personal experiences.

These are some of the lyrics from his songs. From ‘Devio’ featuring Kamenya ‘s3 menya competition a s3 3nny3 Ghana Boys (If there will be any competition, it won’t be Ghana boys)’, ‘Mede twi ak)gye B.E.T (I’ve won B.E.T with twi)’. From his ‘Illuminati’ track ‘3nfa woho compare Sarkodie because am the best you’ve ever seen’. From his newly single which y’all know already, he stated ‘rap no me hye no s3 cigar (I smoke rap like cigarette).
This be Obidi, I don’t give a fu*k who you are’. From his ‘Majesty’ mixtape he said ‘obise me swag no y3 fake, wh3 no gyemee (someone says I have a fake swag, behold his foolishness).’ This and others from his song I do think he should tone down.

His achievement at the B.E.T. Awards, Ghana Music Awards, Fanmilk deal, Samsung Ambassador, Otumfour Osei Tutu II’s invitation etc. are some of the lines Ghanaians think he is overusing and hence must tone down.

Without bothering you much, I encourage you to search for the following songs and listen to his raps and they are all about Sarkodie praising himself: Warrior ft K.K Fosu, Devi ft Kemanya, Winner, Y’all ready know, Saa )k (de3 ft Obrafour, His majesty, Onyame Nyhira ft Castro.

Sarkodie, we like what you are doing for Ghana and how far you have taken us but the bragging is too much so tone down for us and lets feel more of your flows other than your achievements and haters’ songs.


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