WATCH: Behind The Scenes of Edem’s ‘Over Again’ Remake

EdemRapper Edem is living by his ‘bond’ to remake the video of his Afropop hit song “Over Again” which was greeted with much disapproval by a cross section of fanatics and critics in the industry.

The first video of the song which was produced by NKACC has now been handed over to video production house Phamous Philms for the video which is set in a luxurious location.

In this exclusive footage, the “You Dey Craze” hit rapper takes us through the reasons behind the remake of the video and why he changed the concept and director in the new one.

“I think this video was inspired by the fact that I wanted to let the fans understand that my word is my bond… We shot the previous video for Over Again and the fans had reservations about it I came and informed him that I’m going to shoot a new video for it,” he said.

In doing this he admitted the team decided to elevate both the video and the song in two ways by doing a remix of the song in Jamaican English or Patois to get the understanding of the storyline to everybody and make a new video for it.

The video is almost set for release and fans can expect it in the next few days, close sources say.

Click here to watch.

Source: Yaw Sarpon | GlitzGhana


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