Pangolins identified as Coronavirus Immediate Host

Pangolins Spreading Coronavirus to People?

Coronavirus has been identified by scientists in China as a virus that is possibly being spread by pangolins.

The deadly virus is being spread to humans and the city of Wuhan in China has been the hardest hit.

Scientists say the genetic sequences of the viruses isolated from the scaly animal is 99% similar to that of the circulating virus.

Despite the findings, their research work is yet to be fully published, in order to affirm this statement.

Health experts also say they virus may have originated from bats and transferred it to humans through the pangolins.

There has also been the argument that it could be as a result of the illegal trade of the mammals.

As of today, the coronavirus has killed over 720 people worldwide, mostly China.

Pangolins are made up of eight (8) species, forming three (3) genera — including manis, phataginus, and smutsia.

Source: Yaw Sarpong |


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