BlogCamp Ghana; Yes, Content Is Key

I started blogging since February 2009 and the passion for this has grown each and every day after I ventured.
Almost a year ago, I was going about my usual internet surfing and came across the BlogCamp Ghana for the first time in my blogging ‘life’. It was powered by Blogging Ghana as usual.
I got elated after understanding it is a workshop for both Ghanaian and foreign bloggers in the country so I hurriedly made the necessary preparations in order to join the workshop. I therefore registered to reserve a seat for myself which was a way I could OFFICIALLY be part of this.
On, Saturday, March 23, I got to the event venue [AITI-KACE, Ridge] as scheduled and one thing that caught my attention was the “Content Is King” tag.
Fortunately for me I met some friends I had already made in the industry including but not limited to my “Technology Geek” Sena Rosikid Quarshie of
From the advises and/or tutorials of the various contributors on how to create and develop content [text, video, audio, photo etc.] for one’s blog, I guess its laudable  pertaining to the fact that it broadens ones horizon, letting people know how you perceive things around you, gain traffic and make money out of it.
One thing that also caught my attention was the fact that there are not much of multimedia blogging websites in the country which I promised to start one; lo and behold is gradually getting there.
Aside this, a lot of blogging-related issues [plagiarism, networking, future of blogging etc.] were discussed. I must say it has helped me to move to the next level.
All in all, the BlogCamp13 was a success and I would like to use this medium to first thank God Almighty for such an event, secondly to the sponsors, volunteers, fellow bloggers, the BlogCamp crew especially Mac Jordan for such an eventful event.
Hope to meet you this year at the BlogCamp14.
Source: Yaw Sarpon | YS360

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