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EDITORIAL: 4 Reasons Why Chris Brown Did rLG Communications No Good

I am one of the many Ghanaians who got very elated after the advertisements in the media that American R&B star Chris Brown will be in Ghana to headline the rLG Hope City Launch Concert at the Accra Sports Stadium on Tuesday, March 5.

Notwithstanding the enthusiasm I developed ahead of the show [which was obviously a top class performance from the 23-year-old], there were some negative incidents which I think must be condemned in no certain terms because it does no good to rLG as a new brand in the global technology industry.

First of all, I still stand by my candid opinion that it was very wrong for a company which partners the Government of Ghana in most projects to embark on what seemed a wrong priority to host Chris Brown for an ample amount of US$1m. I guess it could have been invested in sectors like the electric power and water industry since those sectors are currently facing crises.

Moreover, the singer was supposed to be at the launch of the Hope City Project and sod cutting ceremony [one of the reasons why he is in the country to perform]. However, Chris touched down at the Kotoka International Airport on Tuesday morning and many thought he could pull a ‘Sean Kingston’ but no. He obviously missed the launch which had happened the previous day also failed to render some radio interviews. I think it is totally disrespect to the company and this action must also be condemned. But I blame the organizers for partly contributing to this unfortunate incident.

Another unpleasant act by Chris Brown was the fact that according to reports he snubbed the Limousine with the nicely dressed Chauffeur to chauffeur him to his hotel room. He refused to seat in the limo arranged for him and could only claim he does not ride in Limos which according to my research, rides in them. Obviously causing a financial deficit to the company for making available the classy car.

The most of all the shameful acts that does nothing good to rLG is the fact that he promoted the use of marijuana instead of the rLG brand. At a point in his performance, the star stopped and asked the crowd whether anyone in there smoke weed. He said “if anybody’s tripping on you smoking weed, f*ck them”. He pulled out a rolled weed and lighted it. Personally, I never saw him smoking since I had moved some distance away from the crowd to receive a call [though witnesses say he smoked it].

If this allegation is true, am not concerned whether even smoked about ten (10) kilos on stage but my question is why live on stage and secondly, why in Ghana and thirdly, why on rLG Communications stage meant to market the technology brand. It is very bad am must not be encouraged again.

All in all, I guess we still have a long way to go. We most often done not bring down foreign acts to perform in the country and these events does not do well. This is a gross disrespect to Ghanaians and the African continent as a whole.

Source: Yaw Sarpon | GlitzGhana

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