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Ghanaian Soldier Who Wants to Quit Cries for Help after Service Alleged Refusal

A Ghanaian soldier is accusing the Ghana Armed Forces for the Service’s refusal to release him after submitting all necessary documents in this regards.

The Service man identified as Private Issah Kudus, from the 2nd Battalion Infantry of the Ghana Armed Forces says his desire to end his career as a soldier is in limbo.

This comes three (3) months after he administratively submitted a letter to the Service for a compassionate release.

“I went through my OC’s interview and CO’s interview and I insisted I wanted to be released from the Services based on personal reasons,” he says.

According to Private Kudus, he gave reasons explaining why he doesn’t want to be in the military again.

“I am the only one who know what is around me and I don’t the mental capacity to endure anything in the military,” he adds.

Watch him talk to this issue below:

This has sent diverse reaction to most Ghanaians – whereas some believe his call is in the right order, others are of the view that he has denied the chance of person(s) who could have genuinely served the military for a longer time.


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