Jars Production set to Thrill audience with ‘Inside the Barracks’ Play

This weekend, Jars Production will bring life and laughter to words scribbled on paper through their third play titled ‘Inside the Barracks’.
The drama highlights the theme: “The institution of family and gender equality in a modern or westernized Ghanaian culture”.
According to the synopsis Mr. Dzokoto, a retired military man, ends up married to one fierce woman which literally means their house is on fire daily. Mr. Dzokoto is bent on incorporating military lifestyle in his family after many years of leaving them. His wife, sensing the mutiny, is falling on his learned brother to overturn this mutiny. The whole house is set in confusion after the truth of their maid’s pregnancy is revealed and their only daughter reveals the skeleton in her closet.
Is it proper to run a home with “iron fists” in this day and age? Is it the case that men lose their respect when they are jobless? Find out how this unique barracks-home jump from frying pan into fire in this hilarious drama. Only God can save whoever ends up on the wrong side of the barracks!
Playwright of Inside the Barracks, Abigail Okyere, who said she always looked up to Ebo Whyte and his brand in Ghanaian theatre production, assured patrons a run for their money and a hilarious night.
She said actors and actresses involved are enriched with unique talents, approaches and perspectives and “bringing all these dynamics together has been a wonderful experience.”
“Just like a painting, the final artwork is always a wonderful sight to behold,” she added.
Inside the Barracks, which promises to be a rib cracking play, will take place at the Amphi Theatre of the University of Ghana on Saturday, September 15 and Sunday, September 16.
Check flyer for more details.

Source: GhanaWeb.com