More Internet Users accuse Hyolyn of Bullying


Hyolyn continues to suffer the backlash as more netizens share their past bullying experiences with the singer.

The former Sistar member has in recent times being accused in the light and it is obviously not ending soon.

In a comment sighted by on Naver, one netizen recounts how she bullied her middle school mates.

“As someone who was in the same class as Hyolyn in middle school, I always wondered why her victims stayed silent for so long, but now it’s finally come out. One time when we were all having study hall, Hyolyn started punching a girl in our class with her fists. Afterwards, the girl she hit was so shocked that she stayed silent. Her strength was not the strength of an average middle school girl.

Every time we went to eat lunch she would leisurely walk all the way up to the front of the line. She was always the class bully, but when I saw her lovingly taking care of abandoned dogs on a TV program it was a completely jarring. If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t even recognize Hyolyn when SISTAR first debuted because her image was so different from when we were in middle school.”

Another netizen also narrated her ordeal, with regards to her bullying experience with Hyolyn.

“I am a part of this post too. Hyolyn would always ask to borrow bags, clothes, and shoes, etc., for the day and would end up keeping them for days and days. It always seemed like she never had any intention of returning my things because whenever I would ask for them she would lie and tell me that another sunbae took them from her. If I ever told her to give my things back to me she would respond with “I’ll give you ***”, using all sorts of curse words and abusive language towards me. If we were ever on the playground together she would make me shake with fear when she would ask me “Who do you wanna get beat up by today?” and then start physically beating me for no reason. My eyes would be bloodshot and my lips swollen after these attacks. My mom followed me to school once after she saw my injuries.”

The Bridge act is set for her 2019 World Tour.

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