H.O.T.’s Moon Hee Jun under Heavy Criticism Following Addition to ‘Superman is Back’

Moon Hee Jun’s ‘Superman is Back’ Addition and Criticism

Following the departure of former SechKies member Ko Ji-Yong and his son, Seunjae, popular variety show, ‘Superman is Back,’ announced the addition of a new family consisting of first generation idol Moon Hee Jun, former Crayon Pop member Soyul, and their daughter “Jam Jam.” This news was met with sharp criticism from the public due to Moon Hee Jun’s prior contradictory public statements.

Previously, Moon Hee Jun made it clear to the public and his fans that he was unwilling to talk about his family life, even stating that he was reluctant to even promote H.O.T. before their concert in 2018 because he was worried that his wife’s name would appear on real-time search engine results. After showing a history of extreme discomfort and reluctance to display or even talk about his family life, many netizens are displeased with Moon Hee Jun’s decision to appear on the popular variety show.

To many, it is clear that this decision is a result of Moon Hee Jun’s desire to rebrand himself in a better light following his past controversies in order to promote an H.O.T. concert.

Ever since rumors of his impending marriage to Soyul began to spread, Moon Hee Jun has displayed a lack of credibility by lying to the public and his fans regarding his personal life. This recent announcement has further disappointed Moon Hee Jun fans, who feel like they’re being disrespected and used as “ATMs.”

Source: allkpop.com