Diamond Appiah casts Innuendo — Perhaps at Mzbel, Others in another Advisory Post

Diamond Appiah Counsels: Don’t Ignorantly Call Anyone You See on TV a Role Model

Diamond Appiah has given an exceptional advice — haply the best by far, to young people who simply revere any public figure as a role model.
According to the philanthropist, it is only few personalities like celebrated Ghanaian broadcaster Oheneyere Gifty Anti who “actually qualifies for the role model status and not the uncouth born ones and twos”
She also noted that these “nothing but shameless husband snatchers and homewreckers who can’t even mention their children’s surname in public for fear of “Acid attacks” from the wives of their baby daddies” are not worth the role model status, hence, the public should be circumspect when choosing them.
While eulogizing the wife of Nana Ansah Kwao IV and mother of Princess of Adumasa, she mentioned Gifty‘s steadfastness despite pressures from the society as one of the feats that makes her a role model.
It is a well-known known fact that Mzbel and Diamond‘s friendship has turned sour at the moment and the latter has, from time to time, launched attacks on the personality of the former.
Whereas the father of Mzbel‘s son Aaron has over the years remained a mystery, it is worth-noting that the failed Parliamentary aspirant’s advice to young people was possibly targeted at Mzbel.
Read an unedited version of Diamond Appiah‘s ¬†advice on choosing role models below:

This Virtous woman right here is one of the few Ghanaian Celebrities that actually qualifies for the “Role Model Status” not the uncouth Born ones n twos who feel they are larger than life itself and ignorantly address themselves as “Legends” n “Role Models” When in reality they are nothing but shameless husband snatchers n homewreckers who can’t even mention their children’s surname in public for fear of “Acid attacks” from the wives of their baby daddies. Indeed women are our own enemies.
We all grew up watching Oheneyere Gifty Anti as a GTV News caster and admired her eloquence n personality. The pressures of our society didn’t push her to succumb to dating and having “Bastards” with other people’s husbands but instead she waited PATIENTLY on the Lord. The Shallow minds criticized her principle as a woman of substance who didn’t want to have children out of wedlock and started saying she was growing old n needed to have a child forgetting age in nothing but a number when u make God the pilot of your life.
In his time, God rewarded her faithfulness n diligence in him and honoured her with her night and shinning armour. It didn’t end there , he also blessed their home with an adorable baby with a “SURNAME”.
So ladies lets choose our role models wisely and celebrate those that are worth celebrating. Don’t make an ignorant mistake of calling anyone u see on TV a role model. There is a big difference between a tv personality n a Role Model #A word to a wise

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Source: Yaw Sarpong | GlammyNews.com