Take Your Frustrations to God not Bloggers – Monte Oz tells Yvonne Nelson and Sister Debbie

Blogger Monte Oz Replies Yvonne Nelson and Sister Debbie

Ghanaian entertainment and travel blogger Monte Oz has taken a swipe at Ghanaian filmmaker Yvonne Nelson and “Romanian half Ghanaian albino sugar mommy model/bola singer” Sister Debbie after the two, separately launched written attacks on bloggers in the country.
This comes against the backdrop of Sister Debbie‘s last week rants — as she tagged bloggers as “wannabe celebs and groupies” following publications that her boyfriend Medikal‘s UK concert was a total flop.
Following reports on the birth of a baby girl, which she also admitted, Yvonne Nelson also took to social media to state that some bloggers are unhappy with their lives after Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.com in a publication noted that the actress gave birth to an ugly baby — perhaps a bastard.

According to the Monte Oz, bloggers do not care about the diminutive celebrity life that these local stars live, added that “bloggers are not responsible for your average assumptions.”
He however, advised the two take their worries to God Almighty and stop defaming themselves on social media.
Read Monte Oz‘s rant against Yvonne Nelson and Sister Deborah below:

These Local Ghanaian Celebs Always Wanna Make Bloggers in the Country Responsible For their Frustrations. It Was Some Romanian Half Ghanaian Albino Sugar Mommy Model/Bola Singer Dating an Underground Ghanaian Rapper Saying Bloggers Are Wanna Bees Last Week. We Enter this Week Too Ah, Grandmaa @yvonnenelsongh Too Says Bloggers Are Unhappy? But Why? Who Taught You That? Eeerrn Grandmaa Who Told That Lie? Who Told You Bloggers Are Unhappy? We Don’t Give a FU#K about Those Dinky Life You Local Stars Have oooo…. Some of us Don’t Care About What We Write About You People and We Wont Stop Writing Those Bullshits We Write Forever. We Are Not Responsible For Your Assumptions. Are We the Ones Who Come Ranting Over on Social Media When Life is Not Going Well By Mentioning to the World That, People Are Not Supporting Our Careers? LOOK MY DEAR… I Repeat, Bloggers Are Not Responsible For Your Average Assumptions… Please Let Me Educate Y’all Local Ghanaian Stars Who Will Come Across This Post – The Next Time You Wanna Post or Attack Bloggers Like Lunatics in Their 30s, Please Do Mention Names of Bloggers You Are Addressing the Attacks to. I’m Saying this for the Reason That, there Are Catalogs of Bloggers in this Communication Industry. Not All of Us Write About the Fake Appalling Lives Some of You Local Celebs Have. Some of Us Write About Technology, Politics, Travel, Fashion and Health (Some Are Pornography Content Contributors Too). And You Yvonne Nelson only Falls in that of “ENTERTAINMENT” – If Not #DumsorMustStop, Like Political Bloggers Won’t Even Give You a Feature… The Moment You Say “BLOGGERS” Without Elucidating Which Catalog of Bloggers You Referring to; It Means You Have Mentioned the Whole Generation of Bloggers and WE WILL ALL COME FOR YOU…. Fine Common Ghanaian Actress Like You, Go and See How People Are Insulting You and Your Generation on GHANA WEB Over this tweet. WHY ARE YOU DEFAMING YOURSELF LIKE THIS SWEETY? It’s Not Fine. You Are a Nice Girl. Behave Yourself. If You Want Someone to Blame For Your Frustrations, Please Take it to God. He is the Most High and the Solution to All Problems. Twitter Won’t Solve it For You. YOU ARE UNHAPPY

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Source: Yaw Sarpong | GlammyNews.com


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