Police announces Investigation into YG Entertainment


Police have announced investigation into YG Entertainment.

According to a report by JTBC News on the 26th, the police plan to investigate YG Entertainment over Seungri‘s hotel fee payment for prostitution services.

Yuri Holdings CEO Mr. Yoo Inseok admitted to the prostitution charges with Seungri on the 25th and police and have secured testimony from the prostitutes that attended to Japanese businessmen at Hotel H in Seoul in December 2015.

Seungri admitted to paying the hotel fee but denies knowing about the prostitution services. Regarding corporate credit card payments, YG said, “Those are Seungri’s personal charges. He’s owns and manages the credit card.”

In the meantime, Police plan to request arrest warrants for Seungri and Mr. Yoo for embezzlement and prostitution after they complete investigation into YG Entertainment for the charges.

Source: dailynaver.blogspot.com


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