Ahn Jae Hyun opens up about his Divorce from Goo Hye Sun for the First Time

Ahn Jae Hyun has told his side of his divorce from Goo Hye Sun for the first time.

Goo Hye Sun has already said his side of the divorce saga.

Ahn Jae Hyun, on the other side, has today [Wednesday], August 21, 2019 shared this:

“This is Ahn Jae Hyun. I’m very apologetic to cause concern with my personal life. I married Goo Hye Sun because I really loved and respected her. I sincerely hoped that this would be quietly taken care of as we’re both public figures. This is why I planned to remain silent and endure the unexpected disclosure to the public. However, I’m writing this because only pieces are being revealed without any context, it’s negatively affecting those around me, and I can no longer remain silent when last night I was put under suspicion and falsely incriminated about contacting multiple women.

The past 3 years of married life, which we started because we wanted to, were happy, but it was also a burdensome time for me mentally. I tried to improve our relationship, but it wasn’t easy to get closer to each other. In the end, we decided to separate because we couldn’t agree, and I left the house, so that she and our 5 animals can live comfortably. After continuous discussion, Goo Hye Sun and I decided to divorce on July 30.

I paid the settlement money that Goo Hye Sun calculated and arranged. The transaction list that Goo Hye Sun suggested included daily wages and the money she donated at the time of our marriage. I decided to follow her opinion entirely. This wasn’t because of the settlement of our marriage, but because in my heart, I wanted to be at least a bit of financial help to the wife I loved. However, a few days afterwards, Goo Hye Sun said that the amount we first agreed upon was not enough, and she asked for the apartment we both lived at. After that, I let the agency know about our divorce, and on August 8, there was a meeting with our CEO and time to persuade us about holding back on the divorce and the timing [to go public with it].

However, my thoughts on the divorce did not change. On the night of August 9, she came alone to the officetel I’ve been staying at since our separation, and she lied to the guard that she lost the key and came in with a spare key. She started to record and go through my phone, telling me, ‘This isn’t trespassing. I came in because I’m your wife.’ At the time, I was sleeping, and her actions were so sudden and scary to me. When she was looking through my phone messages, she saw one portion of my answers to something else the CEO and I were talking about. (I said I never asked for the house. I have no right or reason to ask for it.) I didn’t curse. That night made me think that we can no longer continue our marriage and hurt each other this way, and it made me more firm about divorce.

A few days after, she contacted me to tell me she wanted a divorce. She hired a lawyer, we agreed on statements to press, and I hired a lawyer because our court date was set for the 28th. To add, I had to get a loan and sell the house because of what she requested, and I had no choice but to tell my agency. I didn’t do this so the agency could intervene in my personal life, but as an actor in a contract with the label, I wanted to share what could happen with the situation in the future.

After getting married, I’ve attended therapy for a year and 4 months, and I’ve been taking anti-depressants. I did my best as a husband in our married life, and I’ve never done anything shameful. I saw that she said she wanted to protect our family. The fact that she’s causing issues to people around us even after we came to an agreement after a long discussion and seeing her only tell truths that benefit her has made me think even moreso that I don’t have the confidence to go on with this marriage. To the company that’s been negatively affected because of my personal issues, the producers of ‘My Little Old Boy’ who were negatively affected on the day of the broadcast, to the staff of my drama, I feel so apologetic I could die and feel dishonor, and I only want to give my apologies. I also apologize to my wife, who’ll for sure be hurt by what’s going on. However, I find it difficult to understand. I sincerely apologize for what’s happened as it’s only due to my shortcomings and because I couldn’t take care of my personal life. I apologize.”

Source: Yaw Sarpong | PlugTimes.com

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