Netizens React to the Huge Boy Group ATEEZ’s Overseas Tours

K-pop fans are reacting to the large attendance to boy group ATEEZ’s ongoing 2022 overseas tours dubbed ‘The Fellowship: Beginning of the End.’

It is worth noting that the popularity of the group outside South Korea continues to grow each and every day.

Years ago, the story was different and footage from the group’s recent tours in the United States and Europe has shifted the conversation among netizens.

In the videos sighted, audience fill up large arenas for the tours and netizens are upbeat about this.

Some of the comments read:


  • “This group is seriously like one of the most popular groups overseas right now. It’s crazy how they’re not known in Korea.”
  • “I’m not a fan, but I do like some of their songs. They have really good songs.”
  • “OMG look at the scale of those shows.”
  • “It’s actually pretty rare to see cases like this. But it’s slowly, slowly becoming more well-known here too that this group has good songs.”
  • “What other groups have had overseas tours on that scale? Like, TWICE??”
  • “This is the first time I’m hearing of this group. That’s crazy.”
  • “This group has been going around little by little for being talented.”
  • “This group has seriously good performances.”
  • “I love that powerful and fulfilling feeling you get from their songs.”
  • “I don’t know the group or the members that well, but I love their song ‘Turbulence’.”
  • “I never knew they were this big… But I also have some of their songs on my playlist!”
  • “My bias group talked about this group a lot, so I grew to like them.”
  • “Isn’t this that group with that one dance video where they’re all wearing black with the black hats??”
  • “They’re really talented, and they’re so good at singing live. I’m not a fan, but I watch their videos from time to time.”


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