Netizens LOL at backup Dancer’s reaction to HyunA’s unexpected Fan Service

HyunA’s backup dancer unexpectedly gained attention from netizens.

On September 19, HyunA attended a student festival at Korea Aerospace University and performed her hit songs “Bubble Pop”, “Lip & Hip”, “Roll Deep”, “Red”, and “BABE”. During her performance of “Bubble Pop”, however, HyunA improvised a dance-like gesture as ‘fan service.’

In the video below (around 02:41), HyunA turns her back to the audience in the middle of her solo dance and lifts up her skirt to reveal her underpants. After noticing the gesture, the backup dancer on the left made a facial expression that was full of surprise, then carried on with the choreography!

In the comments section under the original YouTube video and articles, netizens laughed at the realistic reaction of the dancer and wrote, “The facial expression of the dancer on the left LOLLLL like ‘why did she fling it up all of a sudden?’ LOL”, “The dancer’s facial expression says it all”, “the dancer’s reaction = my reaction”.

On the other hand, certain netizens made comments deriding HyunA‘s unexpected gesture overall, while others supported HyunA‘s sexy sides and shared, “only HyunA is capable of doing those performances”.

What do you think?