Netizens React to “Why Funny Face Loves D0ggy Style as Photos Of Curvy Baby Mama Vanessa Drop Online

Funny Face Baby Mama Vanessa

Actor Kwaku Manu has shared eye-catching pictures of Funny Face‘s baby mama as she displays her cvrves after reuniting with her children’s father.

The reunion between Funny Face and his daughters and baby mama Vanessa has been the most amazing reunion

According to information, the union between Funny Face and the family has been underworked by one of the actors Kwaku Manu.

The level of maturity shown by Kwaku Manu shows that Funny Face doesn’t need Psychiatric medication or treatment but rather family love.

This made Kwaku Manu to seek for Funny Face release from the Psychiatric Hospital to join the family.

In a recall, Kwaku Manu in one of his post assured Funny Face of getting him back to his family after Court order for Mental health treatment for Funny Face.

Kwaku Manu has finally made up to his words by reuniting the Funny Face and his babies and the babies’ mama Vanessa.

Kwaku Manu has shared pictures from when he visited Ama Vanessa and her mother in their house with Osode, another Kumawood actor.

Below is the post as shared by Kwaku Manu:

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Ama Vanessa also shared two of the pictures already posted by Funny Face and gave God the credit for what has happened in her life.

Sharing the pictures, she wrote:

Kwaku Manu has been highly commended by Ghanaians for bringing the couple together, some netizens have blessed him and his entire family.

However, was astounded by the fact that many of the netizens were talking about the hips and curves of Vanessa Nicole.

Funny Face baby mama vanessa nicole

Funny Face baby mama vanessa nicole

Below are some reactions from Ghanaians:

efyaselina37 wrote “I swear this girl get shape see hips I now understand why funny face dey miss her doggie style 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”
sircalito also wrote “Naa the goods of Vanessa can’t be ignored. 🔥”

fyngergh also wrote “Ei see hips🔥”
mcsmith_themvp wrote “This is why funny is dying.. See trumu 😂😂😂”
patsey_events wrote “Vanessa get form oo😍 she dey bee rough
mr.jiqqa_gh wrote “Eiiii so hips nkoaa that😮😮😮”
naa__dede wrote “@vanessah_nicole is the hips for me 😳😁🏃🏾‍♀️🤣”
dhollarbhill wrote “Eeeiii I see why Funny won die nu herrrh see nyash😂🙌 according to hips I see nu thr nyash paaa dia heerrrrh doggy nu”
iamekowfynn wrote “No wonder my brother can’t fgt abt the doggy see @vanessah_nicole thighs ❤️❤️❤️🔥”
manuelhaifa wrote “I’m reading comments about @vanessah_nicole hips, very attractive, that’s why Funny face was emotionally rude after missing her. God bless everyone who made this happened 🙏”

Funny Face Baby Mama Vanessa



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