Do Ghanaian Artistes Look Too Needy When Negotiating?

Music artistes are paid in different manner than most conventional occupations. Instead of receiving a wage from a single employer like most occupations do, artistes have what we call income streams.

These income streams are different avenues through which the music artists receive compensation for their work worldwide.

But while musicians around the world have income streams including album sales, performance, synchronizing rights which has to do with payments from songs used in adverts, movies and more, and product endorsements, most Ghanaian artistes on the other hand make money from going into romantic relations with rich partners, launching non existing NGO’s that later can’t be accountable for monies giving to support them, angel investors who invest and look for no returns, and those that jump on political campaign trains to make money forgetting its impact on their career.

The end of the year was marked with lots of politics and festivities and with the seeming unending drag to reach a decision, it seems things died down at some point and entertainment likewise other facets of our life picked up with an energy it had gathered from the days of rest it had when politics took over.

Some entertainers made huge cash by giving their faces and voice up to support political campaigns they seemed to agree with in terms of ideologies.

But in the aftermath of the political seasons those brands are paying up for their supposed sins as fans whom disagreed with the ideologies they backed now turn their backs on their products arranged on shelves to collect dust.

One guy who didn’t meddle with politics but still made some good money for himself and his team is Sarkodie and from the look of things Ghanaians without doubt agree he is the brand of the moment.

Sarkodie won a BET for making Ghanaian sensational dance Azonto a household name across Africa, UK and everywhere else Afro Beat was enjoyed and this is a feat many have aspired to in the past but couldn’t see happen but Sarkodie managed to take that award which eventually pumped up his brand and gave him leverage to bargain for better money during shows.

Sarkodie together with Event Factory put together the Rapperholic Concert, packed the venue, made some good money and entertained his fans while launching his new body of work “The Mind Game” album with Jayso. This show has moved to be an annual affair and other hip life artistes are now realizing you don’t have to be a Hi life crooner from back in day to headline your own show.

Sarkodie announced earlier this year about the coming of his Sark Clothing line which has its samples running around on the blogs and from all indications one can say it’s one of the most anticipated things to happen to fashion in while now.

He is not the first do this fashion thing, J Town of MCee Africa has a cloth line, Iwan has a cloth line, Mzbel promised us one but it never came, but with the kind of presence

Sarkodie has online and the response he is getting worldwide, one is certain this is another money coming into the camp.

I think it is high time our celebrities increased their income streams and lived up to expectations and stopped giving us the needy look we get any time they go in to negotiate with organizers and behave that’s the only way they can make money in this little industry of ours.

If you don’t have about ten ways to make money in this entertainment business, I advise you pack and leave the industry!!!

Source: Flex Newspaper

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