5 Best Ways of Preventing Fire Outbreak at Home

How to Prevent Fire Outbreak at Home

Fire plays major a role in our lives — it can serve as one’s very good friend and on other hand, man’s worst enemy, if care is not taken.

It is made up of heat, oxygen and fuel. The presence of these components and a chemical chain reaction takes place before fire can occurs.

Human carelessness is the major causes of fire out breaks at our various homes.

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Some people know the basics of fire safety at home whiles others don’t know at all.

To prevent fire outbreaks at home, PlugTimes.com brings you effective ways of preventing it. These include:

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  • First and foremost one must not leave burning mosquitoes coils and candles unattended.The burning mosquitoes coils and candles can be nicely place in a metal plate with or without water in the plate.The must always be keep away from combustible materials including human beings.
  • Always make sure you go in for qualified electricians with Energy Commission certification for your home installation(s). More so, you must not buy inferior electrical cables and devices because they are the potential causes of fire outbreaks at home. One must not forget to turn off gas or electric power supply to your cooker immediately after use.
  • All electrical appliances such as radio, television set, pressing iron, electric kettles, etc. must not be left unattended and always remember to turn them off when not in use.
  • Filled gas cylinder with LPG gas must be carefully placed outside the kitchen in a fixed metal cage. This cage is supposed to be covered to protect gas cylinder from the sunlight and down pour.
  • Always remember to ensure matches and lighters are kept far away from children’s reach. Let’s try as much as possible to develop safer cooking habits at home.

These are five (5) best practices of preventing fire outbreaks in our various homes.

Columnist: Newsy Dede | PlugTimes.com