We Can’t Hit our Chest and be Proud

Do we really call ourselves a Christian Nation? Very funny!! We sit for the church to be shut for 4 weeks or more and feel very comfortable and smile.

The Apostles, Prophets, Oracles, Evangelist, Teachers, and Pastors are all here with global accolades but tight lipped with the current happenings in the nation.

The time needed most in a nation where 70% of her congregants are classified as Christian’s are fear driven. What do we teach and tell the people God has assigned to us?

We preach but don’t practice the faith and healing of the land concept we share? I’m really surprised there is no Daniel on our land. We can do big posters, great artworks, raise billboards and advertise the image and brand the giftings deposited in us but can’t rise and defend the very land given to us.

What a shame!! I will be surprised if we don’t see and hear very proactive steps from the Ghana Pentecostal Council, Catholic Bishop Council, Ghana Charismatic and Clergy Association, Christian Council and all other bodies aligned with the preaching of the gospel.

In 1990, Belgium was attacked by a higher level of crime and only five people rose up to pray for the nation to be healed. For five years, there was no recorded case of crime and police stations were closed down.

I see the Ghanaian voice and Christian leaders can make this be a scrolled example too! The Christian community seem to know how to keep mute when it matters most to speak up. I’m more surprised at the ministers who believe so much that they have been called to a ‘global ministry’.

No intercession, no prayer campaign. I guess we think being called to a global ministry is just about the platform and being on event flyers. It’s about praying up to 6 hours for nations, pandemics, people you don’t even know. Pleading the blood and winning spiritual battles but no, we need a microphone and stage.

We have allowed ourselves for our attention to be driven away from the word. We have made the media cause fear in our hearts. It is good to take precautive measures. It is good to wash your hands regularly with soap and water. It is good to use hand sanitizers. But know this that, if God doesn’t watch, the watch man watches in vain.

If we don’t do anything by morning, Christianity will look laughable and our faith will be questioned. Let’s rise!!

As youth of Ghana, and Director of the Ghana Youth Ministry, I will humbly ask everyone believed to be youth to share a word of prayer for Ghana. We can’t be mute and not guard our boarders. Why are we appointed as generational leaders and not decide for the nation and speak life into our darkened reality? #31GMan #NoBibleNoBreakfast

Daniel Nana Kwame Appiah Asare
Executive Director, Ghana Youth Ministry
Managing Partner, Trolley Market Group


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