I’m Not a Bad Influence on Ghana Girls – Sista Afia Cries Out

Sista Afia

“Dress provocatively and if the music fails to trend, your dressing will do the talking for you in the media space” and this happens to be the mentality of contemporary female secular musicians in Ghana not excluding Sista Afia.

For any ardent follower of the above-mentioned songstress cash attest to the fact that hardly will she put on a decent attire. Sometime ago, she shockingly revealed that she can’t remember the last time she put on panties for reasons best known to her.

This revelation alone goes a long way to prove tat she’s a fun of seductive apparel perhaps that’s her brand positioning. As a result of her weird sense of fashion, some Ghanaians are of the view that Sista Afia is influencing the youths (girls) negatively.

But according to Sista Afia in an interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central, the popular perception is below belt. She’s not and will not be a bad influencer taking into consideration the fact that the young girls are already spoiled.

Logically, they already know their right from left. She reiterated that “These girls know what’s good and bad. They know more than we do so how can I influence them to dress like the way I do. Personally, I put on apparel for comfortability sake. So I’m not the cause, they’re already spoiled.