Sulli deals with Unreasonable Comments and Shaming from netizens after Instagram Live Incident

Sulli recently held an Instagram live in which she appeared incredibly scared after a male fan approached her during the broadcast.

The incident happened on September 17th while Sulli was interacting with fans. During the live broadcast, Sulli was seen looking uncomfortable and scared after a male fan approached the table, trying to strike up a conversation and get her to speak. The fan also reportedly kept taking pictures and videos of her as well.

Some netizens are leaving shaming and unreasonable comments towards Sulli, saying:

“If you’re that scared, just retire.”

“You’re drinking alcohol at a cart bar and couldn’t predict that something like that would happen?”

“He says he’s a fan. What is there to be scared about?”

“People would think that he’s throwing a scene based on how she reacted.”

Luckily, many netizens are defending Sulli‘s actions saying:

“He’s not a fan if he keeps doing that after they ask him to stop.”

“The guy in the video is using a confrontational tone. I can see why she was scared.”

“Of course she’s scared. He just whipped a camera out.”

What do you think?


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