‘Laws of Love’ Telenovela on UTV Today (June 11, 2020)

“Laws of Love” telenovela showing on UTV continues to be exciting.

The episode today (June 11, 2020) sets forth another intriguing drama.

PlugTimes.com brings you a brief about what transpires today.

Read the synopsis below:

In today’s’ episode…

Sofia tells his mother that they are going to go to the notary, that he’ll ask her a few questions and if she doesn’t feel well enough to answer them, they can make another appointment, Camila tells her that when one becomes a mother you never imagine that life can change roles and it would be the children who will end up taking care of the parents, that she is lucky to have a daughter like her, Sofia answers that she learned it from her.

Ricardo tells Gustavo that he made it clear to Benjamin that if he doesn’t give them the information they need, he won’t do a thing to get him out of jail. Gustavo tells him that he has continue investigating on the hideout where the shooting took place, but people won’t talk because they are fearful, Ricardo tells him to stop going to that place because those people are dangerous and who knows what they might do if they found out they are looking for them, Gustavo replies that he isn’t doing anything risky.

Nancy tells Carlos that he can rest easy because even if Sonia keeps investigating, she won’t find anything that links him to illegal business because everything was performed by Alan.

Fernanda agrees to assist Juan, Adrian and Manuel so to get more information about Jorge to help them free him during his trial and this was after Juan called her for assistance.

Laws of Love on UTV

Lucia arrives at Roberto’s office crying and she tells him that as she had already told him that she left her apartment and her job to take care of his aunt Estela and that she ended up paying her treatment but she died still and now his cousin Gerardo, wants to kick her out of the house because he’s going to sell it. Roberto tells her that he’s going to help her but he needs some documents and the phone number of Gerardo so he can deal with him straight. Lucia’s face then goes odd upon hearing Roberto’s request for the number.

Elena calls Ricardo to ask him to speak with Federico because he has been really rebellious nowadays and she thinks he’s on drugs. Ricardo replies that as soon as he solves a case he is handling; he’ll go there to see them in Canada to be with them.

Victoria tells Roberto that Adrian told her that he (Roberto) talked to him and she tells him but he has no right to involve himself in her life to protect her and its hard time he understands that there is nothing between them. Roberto tells her that their relationship didn’t work out but he loves her more than anyone. He tells her the day she finally realizes what she truly wants is to have true love, perhaps on that day love will stop being a dream and they can make it real for them. This speech makes Vicky speechless and emotional.

“LAWS OF LOVE” airs on UTV from Mondays to Thursdays at 8:00pm, Sundays at 12:00noon – 3:00pm.

Source: Yaw Plug | PlugTimes.com


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