Today on ‘Love to Death’ on UTV (July 23, 2020)

The awesome telenovela “Love to Death’on UTV continues today (July 23, 2020) with yet another intriguing episode.

PlugTimes.com brings you a brief about what transpires today.

Read the synopsis below:

LOVE TO DEATH (Do Ko Si Owuo Mu)

Valentina takes a look at a photograph she took of his dad and her and she can’t seem to forget about him. so, she as usual drowns herself in alcohol to overcome her sorrow and also not getting in touch with her boyfriend, she unfortunately falls into the pool without realizing she was so closed to it as she looks so very drunk.

Jacobo quickly dive into the pool to save her. Same vein, Lucia was also getting dressed up for her meeting with the ambassador and she has a flashback where Jacobo compliments her on the red outfit she fitted at the boutique only to finish up dressing and getting out to see Valentino rescued by Jacobo.

After helping her to change her wet clothes, she asks Lucia to forgive her and Lucia tells her that she should not be ashamed of missing her father since it’s only natural to miss a dear one because his father was the best man in the whole world, so when she misses him, she should instead remember the moments she lived with him and know that he will always be with her and that is why he sent a good Samaritan like Jacobo to save her.

Jacobo tells her that indeed her dad might be closer than she can imagine and he knows Lucia most probably will do everything possible to find his father’s murderer.

Renata tells her friend Keila that she went with Guillermo to his house and that it is an extremely luxurious house and she was very well treated there too. Keila tells her that she must not believe the fairy story, and that she should stop dreaming of the story in which the poor girl falls in love with her millionaire boss, whom, by the way, is even very annoying.

Renata replies that he’s not annoying and she can be sure when she also gets to know him, she can testify that he is actually just a sensitive man who finds it difficult opening up to others but Keila says she can’t believe such a billionaire son doesn’t have a girlfriend and this statement causes Renata to think worrisomely.

Teresa and her daughter discover upon arriving home that Gaston has been killed mercilessly and she calls Mateo and Eva to inform then and in fact the couple get shocked and go there as quickly as possible.

Arriving at the apartment, Teresa reproaches Mateo letting their newspaper cause the death of her husband. Mateo assures her that justice will be done and Teresa replies that there is no such thing called justice since that won’t bring back her husband.

Eva calls Alacran (Emiliano) to reproach him for killing Gaston when he promised her, he won’t do such thing. He sarcastically answers that what happened to her had same effect on him because he also has so many things to take care of and before he could call his men from doing, they already had executed the work.

Camilo finds another butterfly lady (Carla) and she tells him that she burnt her house and herself and later found herself in that body. Later, Jacobo tells Camilo he in fact controlled himself if not he would have told the whole truth to his daughter Val since he got moved when she called her dad as he saved her when she drunk and fell into the pool.

At the ambassador’s residence, Lucia asks Jacobo if he thinks she is beautiful. Jacobo answers that she’s dangerously beautiful and that he would like to know how her lips taste and slowly they kiss so passionately.

Stay tuned to “LOVE TO DEATH” UTV from Mondays – Thursdays at 8:00pm, Sundays at 12:00pm – 3:00pm and there some questions you might want to ask yourself like; Should God give me the opportunity to reincarnate after your death, what will you do? Will you have certain things changed?

Will you revenge your death, if you should probably find out your death was plotted? Is this superstition true; that is, indeed some ghosts’ lives in other parts of the world and even get married and give birth alongside with the women they marry?

Why do children protest or act jealous or oppose to the fact that their divorced or widowed father decides to get married to a younger woman who is likely to be his daughter? Why will others kill people to take over their position in life?

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