Today on ‘My Enemy’ Telenovela on UTV (August 2, 2020)

The awesome telenovela “My Enemy” showing on UTV continues today (August 2, 2020) with yet another intriguing episode.

Below is  what will transpire today on ‘My Enemy’.

Read the synopsis below:

MY ENEMY (Metamfo)

Awurabena meets Baaba and Baaba gives her a very warm hug and when Awurabena asks why she comes to see her more often; she replies that she needs her forgiveness and she won’t stop until she wins her trust again.

She then tells Awurabena to get ready because she’s taking her to see Santiago that very minute but she refuses and pleads for more time to think about it.

Freda tells Erika she’s a confused person at the moment and she doesn’t even know what her heart wants so she shouldn’t disturb her and Erika says that she understands but she’ll love for her to be around together with Miguel as planned and Freda had no choice than to accept the offer.

My Enemy

Priscilla tells Damian to kindly speak to Valentino so he can have a change of mind about what he wants to do because she’s scared Anarfi might do something bad to him but Damian tells Priscilla it’s rather too late because they’ve already made plans to get rid of Valentino and she gets frightened.
Kino and Lovely’s engagement party is due. Erika calls Freda to ask when she’ll arrive but Freda tells her she’s not coming because she’s having headache.

Right after, Franco also calls Freda as to whether she’ll be coming but Freda tells him she won’t because, she can’t stand Kino after what he did to Awurabena but Franco tries and convinces her to come and she agrees.
Erika spots Franco making a phone call but when she went to ask who it was, he tells her it’s a work colleague and there, she asks him to give her his phone because her battery is flat.

Erika after collecting Franco’s phone checks his call log and finds out that he called Freda and this makes her so upset.Upon Freda’s arrival, Kino gladly welcomes her and teasingly tells her that she might even be lucky to find a lover because she has been lonely for long but Freda furiously forbids him never to refer to her as his sister because he disgusts her and Kino goes confused, wondering why she said that.

Franco sees Freda arrive at the party and as he draws near to speak with her, Erika pops up and expresses her shock to see Freda when she already told her she won’t be coming since she’s suffering from headache.
Damian calls Valentino to kindly come over to his place because his cousin Yakubu wants to write his statement so that he can help him have custody of his son.

Meanwhile, Damian and Yakubu has arranged for a taxi which is supposed to pick Valentino up right in front of his apartment and like a trap, Valentino falls into it by picking the exact taxi to his destination.

The M.C at the party happily welcomes Kino and Lovely onto the stage to say whatever they have for their guests to hear and as they’re being applauded to the stage, Franco and Steve are taken into suspense, waiting to see what Vero will do.

“My EnemyY (Metamfo)” on UTV airs Friday to Sunday at 8:00pm, and repeated from Tuesday to Thursday at 4:00pm.

Source: Yaw Plug | PlugTimes.com


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