D-Black narrates Funny Experience at the Fake ‘UN-Kofi Annan Awards’

Rapper D-Black has recounted quite an amusing encounter at what is now termed the fake UN-Kofi Annan Awards.

The questionable award was created by a man identified as Dr. Kwame Owusu Fordjour and was awarded to some Ghanaian personalities last week Friday.

D-Black who was one of the many recipients has taken to social media microblog to spill the beans about what transpired.

According to the Black Avenue Muzik boss, he felt something wasn’t right when the MC’s expressions raised a lot of questions than answers.

He adds that, after Sarkodie was handed a cup, again, he rhetorically asked “a cup?”

UN Kofi Annan Awards Global Leadership award d-black

Later on, he was also called to come for his plaque and his interaction with the creator of the awards raised further questions.

D-Black mentions that he also left the venue with his team after he realised that Sarkodie has also absconded.

Check a series of D-Black‘s tweets, with respect to what happened at the fake UN-Kofi Annan Awards out:

This tin just de funny me , every 39 mins I de see some new meme or picture online or in a group chat . The ‘ event’ nu sef as me and sark sit down noor , the mc gbaaa 3 times noor wey I look Sark start shake my head.

Like 30 mins after we arrived, The Mc tell the Band, ‘pls play another music’s for them’. Musics paaa o , musics lol. The band too respond ‘Ooooooh ah’ ! dem tire . Dere nooor we start laugh . We shud have left at that point .

Then Sark got his award , and I wasn’t really watching or following proceedings after that. I was on my phone after I clapped. Then he returned with the golden cup. I said to myself .. hmmm. A cup ? I should have left them and there .

UN Kofi Annan Awards Global Leadership award sarkodie

I told my @iamfadicharles bro we leave in 15 mins, I can’t take this rubbish no more . There noor this man came from no where and took the mic from the Mc and started McIng the ‘event’. The man talk aaa talk say ‘back when I was in Harvard’. I should have left then and there lol

I looked at sarks face but he was busy with his golden cup at the time . Lol . I said to my boys Chale make we go. We had a dinner and jus decided to pass tru this ‘awards show’ . As we de come to noor dem call me. Hmm. I went up . The man said oh yes great man ‘I like ur name’

Then he said oh say something plis. I was gettin annoyed tho. So I said samtin.The he said Blackmore, lovely name where’s ur name from ? Very stupid question . With saliva coming for the side of his mouth on top. I knew something was wrong. I should have left then and there lol

I took the ‘plaque’ handed it over to my guy and walked straight out of the venue never to return. I realize Sark and his team had also absconded lol. The plaque is still in my car boot . Yesterday noor @AbeikuSantana called me, I was in aqua safari on a boys boys trip.

He said check Twitter , it’s on fire . lol and behold ! Here we are today . I should have left then and there . Lol 😢🤦🏽‍♂️

Source: Yaw Plug | PlugTimes.com


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