Meet Ghana’s First Female Photographer – Felicia Ansah Abban

Felicia Ansah Abban first ghanaian female photographer

Following centuries of advances in chemistry and optics, the was finally a breakthrough in 1826 which set stage to the world’s first photograph.

There were further advances through to countries around the globe and Ghana is not out of this equation.

Photography, has mainly been a male dominated profession, however, there has been exemplary roles played by females.

Felicia Ansah Abban is the first Ghanaian female professional photographer.

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After understudying her father, Abban established her studio in Accra in 1955 and took on other women as apprentices.

She was her father’s only female apprentice.

Her career spanned 50 years and also worked as a photographer for Ghana’s first president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, for many years during the 1960s.

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The first public display of her work was staged at ANO’s gallery in March, 2017.

She has retired from photography as a result of a worsening arthritis condition.

Felicia Ansah Abban first ghanaian female photographer

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