Hushpuppi fingered in $400k Fraud while in US Prison

  • FBI names Hushpuppi in new $400 fraud

  • The Nigerian by EIP cards from a criminal marketplace

  • FBI mount search for his accomplice identified as AJ

  • He instructs AJ to buy iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, PS5 from the EIP cards

Hushpuppi reportedly commits $400k fraud from inside US prison, FBI investigations reveal.

Real name Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, he is currently incarcerated in the US Federal correctional facility in California, USA.

The investigation by the FBI Special Agent Andrew John Innocenti reveals, Hushpuppi, while at the facility participated in the purchase of Economic Impact Payment (EIP) debit cards, which were fraudulently purchased from compromised data of US citizens.

The EIP debit cards are commonly referred to as “stimulus checks” or “recovery rebates” for the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) aimed at helping reduce the financial burden on citizens and residents across United States.

The investigation adds that Hushpuppi took advantage of the fact that inmates in correctional facilities across US are allowed access to certain activities including phone calls, video calls, internet, etc.

They also enjoy constitutional rights to privacy, hence his phone activities and that of others are not tracked except when necessary and a warrant is obtained for this purpose.

Between 28th January 2022 and 4th March 2022, security officers at the correctional facility observed Hushpuppi frequent usage of the internet.

Since officer were concerned, in lieu of the fact that he is being charged for internet related crimes.

The investigations also reveal that on 7th March a search warrant on his internet activities was obtained. His internet activities were monitored from this date till 13th March 2022.

During this period, Hushpuppi requested for internet access daily and spent averagely 55 minutes each session.

It was during this period that it came to light he was actively buying the EIP debit cards from a cyber criminal marketplace identified as

On this platform, Hushpuppi, like other criminals use the virtual option to make orders, receive it instantly, and by extension, make online purchases with the funds received.

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In all, Abbas had 58 EIP cards — 36 were virtual cards option and 22 were the physical/plastic cards option.

The investigation also unearthed a contact communication between Abbas Hushpuppi and one person identified as AJ, whom the former gave instructions, on what to do with the money.

He instructed him to use the money to buy iPhone 13, MacBooks, iPads, PS5, etc.

With respect to the amount of money involved during the 7-day surveillance period, the investigation pegs the money he bought and laundered at about $429,800.

The cyber criminal marketplace has currently been taken down by US relevant authorities and bodies.

With Hushpuppi set to be slapped with even more charges, the FBI says it is working around the clock to unmask the identity of Abbas’ accomplice AJ.

Hushpuppi lived a lavish life in UAE until his incarceration | Instagram/hushpuppi
Hushpuppi lived a lavish life in UAE until his incarceration | Instagram/hushpuppi


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