Roman Abramovic is One of the Worst Things to Happen to English Football – Pundit

Chelsea FC owner Roman Abramovic is selling the club, following issues related to the Russia-Ukraine war.

This, when realised, will bring an end to his 19-years at the club he has helped written its successful story.

In spite of this, former Crystal Palace owner and talkSPORT pundit Simon Jordan states that his era at Chelsea has been awful for English football.

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He notes “with due respect, with the exception of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich was one of the worst things that could have happened to English football.”

Despite eulogizing him for breaking “the duopoly, you might have stopped the powerhouses that were Manchester United and Arsenal for a period of time”, he rants that Abramovic created hyperinflation.

“What you did was change the landscape by making football so financially unviable for your own reasons,” he adds.

“These people aren’t buying these football clubs because they love the football clubs, they’re buying them because they want to get a life insurance policy against political leanings.”

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Jordan also bemoans the desire of the affluent to own English clubs.

“They want to sports wash, they want legitimate regimes like Newcastle, they want to have a situation where they own our English clubs and we sit there and think ‘that’s great’, and the main beneficiaries of it are agents and players.

“What have we got now? A generation of players who have no character, no backbone, no substance, get paid far too much money, the immorality of football comes up for question and I think it’s a tragedy.

“Abramovich’s legacy is what? For Chelsea? Fabulous. For football in this country? I think it’s awful.

He adds that “the Championship is in absolute chaos, the EFL cannot keep up with the Premier League.”

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