Verstappen wins Saudi Arabia F1 Grand Prix 2022 with ‘Smart Tricks’

Max Verstappen emerges winner of the Saudi Arabia F1 Grand Prix 2022 following a stiff competition on Sunday in Jeddah.

The Red Bulls driver admits he had to play some “some tricks” in the final DRS zone in order to beat Charles Leclerc in a long and intense duel.

This is Verstappen‘s first win of the current F1 season follows a late move pass the Leclerc.

The Dutchman gets back on rack with his 21st carer F1 win, bringing him on level with Kimi Raikkonen for 15th most all-time.

Reacting to his win after the race, he reveals that the team “were battling hard at the front — it was tough. I am really happy we’ve finally kick-started the season.”

Verstappen wins Saudi Arabia F1 grand prix 2022

Leclerc earns the ‘Driver of the Day’ award following a formidable performance. He sends Verstappen a congratulatory message and adds that he “really enjoyed the race.”

Australia is next up for the F1 Grand Prix 2022, and this event returns to the country for the first time since 2019. It will be held between April 8 to 10, 2022.

Ferrari’s Carlos Saiz emerges third (3rd) in the race and sounds delighted about his personal improvement.

“For me the race was a bit of progress from Bahrain. I managed to find a bit more rhythm with the car. Still some tenths to find but I think I will end up getting there,” he says.

The rank for the Saudi Arabia F1 Grand Prix 2022 Top 10 is as follows:

  • Verstappen (for Red Bull) – 1st
  • Leclerc (for Ferrari) – 2nd 
  • Sainz (for Ferrari) – 3rd
  • Perez (for Red Bull) – 4th
  • Russell (for Mercedes) – 5th
  • Ocon (for Alpine) – 6th
  • Norris (for McLaren) – 7th
  • Gasly (for Alphatauri) – 8th
  • Magnussen (for Haas) – 9th
  • Hamilton (for Mercedes) – 10th


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