Telegram Shares Data of Users in Copyright Violation after Court Order

Telegram has shared information on channel administrators, their phone numbers and IP addresses following a court order.

The instant messaging services platform is facing a copyright violation lawsuit in India.

The app was forced to share this data after a teacher identified as Neetu Singh sued the firm for not doing enough to prevent the unauthorized re-selling of her course material.

An Indian court had earlier order Telegram to adhere to Indian laws by releasing data of the administrators of these channels.

Whereas Telegram argued that it will go against the privacy policy of the platform and the laws of Singapore where its servers are.

After each party arguing its way out, Telegram was eventually asked to make the data available.

However, Telegram spokesperson Remi Vaughn notes that it cannot confirm whether any private data has been shared.

“Telegram stores very limited or no data on its users. In most cases, we can’t even access any user data without specific entry points, and we believe this was the case here. Consequently, we can’t confirm that any private data has been shared in this instance,” Telegram spokesperson Remi Vaughn told TechCrunch.


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