Twitter Verification Checkmark Colours and What They Mean

Twitter has rolled out several verification checkmark colours as part of the latest moves to help users distinguish different types of accounts.

This is and upgrade on the previous blue checkmark for all verified accounts on the microblogging platform which was only given by Twitter.

However, the new amendment means a user can trigger a verification checkmark through their subscription option.

There are three (3) colours in all i.e. blue, gold and grey, however, it is only the former that offers two options.

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Find out the Twitter checkmarks and their meaning below:


This may mean two (2) different things – either an account was verified through Twitter’s former verification criteria for notable, active and authentic accounts or an account subscribing to its new Twitter Blue Subscription plan. The former does not need any review to earn verification but it only has to meet the subscription requirement set out by Twitter.


The gold checkmark is given to official business accounts that triggered verification through the Twitter Blue for Business. This is basically the subscription plan/option for businesses or corporate entities. Twitter identifies this an a new way for businesses and their affiliates to distinguish them from personal accounts on the social media platform.


The Twitter grey checkmark indicates an account represents a government institution or official or a multilateral organization. These institutions include embassies, safety, law enforcement and regulatory agencies. The likes of eligible elected or appointed officials like head of states, foreign official spokespersons, and top diplomatic leaders.

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