Who Pronounced Sarkodie Dead?

As I was doing my normal social media hunting on Thursday evening, I saw a tweet by Sarkodie which said “Useless news …. I’m enjoying ma jollof… lol.”

I stopped to ponder about the kind of news he was referring to as useless but after some minutes of thinking, I came to a conclusion that he might be listening to news bulletin which made him pass that comment.

Minutes after the tweet, I saw a publication about Sarkodie denying a death rumor going viral. This news came as a surprise to me since I never heard anyone pronouncing the death of the BET award winner.

Most entertainment shows in Kumasi on Saturday blamed the media for false story as some insisted he sue the media house who made that report. The question I asked myself was ‘Did you ever hear any media house writing or talking about the alleged death of Sarkodie?’

Since I’m behind the internet 24/7, I tried to find out if there was such a publication but unfortunately, I found nothing like that. I hardly listen to radio off late because of this job [blogging] so I thought it might have mistakenly come out of the mouth of a radio presenter so I went ahead to ask a member of Team Sarkodie. He told me he has never heard anybody talking about it and when he saw a story denouncing the death of Sarkodie, he was surprise.

I asked some media guys and they were not able to tell me when and where such news was declared.

This question of ‘Who Pronounced Sarkodie Dead?’ kept running through my mind the whole of Saturday because I didn’t like the way the media were lambasted over this issue. Ebenezer Donkor a.k.a. NYDJ signing out on his “Entertainment Unplug Show” on Kapital Radio in Kumasi also admitted there was no story which said Sarkodie.

Was it a way to publicize his yet-to-be-released track ‘Elijah with Obrafour? If Sammy Forson, Sarkodie’s manager denied the death of Sarkodie, then I ask ‘WHO PRONOUNCED SARKODIE DEAD?

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