Jeremie Left Y FM for Career Growth and Reverence to God?

Jeremie van-GarshongJeremie’s decision to join Live FM was influenced by her reverence for God, and also the need for career growth, she’s told enewsgh.com in an exclusive interview.

“Growth and God…Growth as in I reached the point in my life where I just wanted to explore. I believe in spreading your wings and challenging yourself. I’m that kind of a person. YFM is still my family… I still go there, I still talk to everybody, I love Y FM  that’s my family but it was a life decision about me growing into a woman and trying new things.

“And secondly God because I prayed about it and I put God first in everything that I do. I don’t take a step or decision or anything without God. I really prayed about it because  it’s a difficult decision. It’s not like changing clothes, it’s a life decision.  It’s a career change decision a career move decision, so I really really prayed about it. And yeah I felt good in my spirit about it,” she adds.

Check back for the full interview.

Source: enewsgh



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