9 Best Ways of Handling your Gas Cylinder

Gas Cylinders

9 Best LPG Handling Practices

The use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a source of fire for cooking has been common in many homes in the past decade.

In Ghana, especially in the urban areas, the use of LPG continues to soar higher.

However, many users manhandle the cylinder that contains the gas; causing a lot of fire outbreaks.

Today, PlugTimes.com brings to its cherished readers the 9 safe ways of handling your gas cylinder.

These are the best practices that will help you prevent fire outbreak through your gas at home:

  1. Do Not Roll Your Cylinder On the Floor

Most people roll the cylinder on the floor anytime it is filled from the station to their various homes. Most people do so because it becomes very heavy when the LPG is filled. The best way to handle this is to make it stand vertically all the time.

Check the other import points out!

2. Do Not Shake the Cylinder When You Fill It

3. Put Your Cooker and Gas Cylinder at Least 2 Yards Apart

4. Do Not Turn On Stove Before Lighting it With the Matches

5. Do Not Light Matches When You Smell

6. Do Not Put Your Cylinder in a kitchen. Keep it at an Open, Well-ventilated Place

7. Always Inform House Members (if any) About any Gas Smell

8. Do Not Use Phone in the Kitchen Because it Emits Radioactive Fields Which is Also Dangerous

9. Ideally, You Must Change Your Gas Pipe/Holes Every Six (6) Months.

Source: Yaw Sarpong | PlugTimes.com