Dintcoin to Support SMEs

Dintcoin an ER-20 cryptocurrency (Token) which uses Ethereum Block chain created in July,
2018 by a team of young entrepreneurs who seek to creates financial freedom to individuals
(companies and persons) through creations of job opportunities with the crypto token is set to
support SME businesses in Ghana.

According to the Public Relation Officer, Emmanuel Gyimah, “the Dintcoin is like any stock in
which shares of publicly held companies are issued and traded, not in cash but cryptocurrency
like BTC. The more the coin rotates, the more the value equally rises.”

In an interview he said one can purchase a Dintcoin from their partner’s crex24.com “with
crex24, you can purchase Dintcoin (DINT) using Bitcoin (BTC). In your purchase of DINT, you
create an account on crex24, deposit your BTC and search for the token DINT and create a
buying order for DINT at the current price, which is 1DTC = 1.80$”

Dintcoin is secured when trading because the token uses codes, and that makes it difficult for
hacker’s to hack the coin. Dintcoin aside been an asset, can equally be used as a mode of
payment. Returns made from this aside going back in trade is that Dint can also be used to
support SME businesses said the PR.

“Unlike BTC, Dint in the coming weeks hope to make it accessible on most e-commerce
websites. So it can be used to make purchase online to buy anything hopefully.”

The coin was created in India and listed in the UK. It’s in Ghana and it was just $20 million
equivalent, however after listing shot up to $36 million.



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