Netizens Call Out Hypocrisy in How Sulli is Treated Compared to Hwa Sa

Netizens have been pointing out how the media treats Hwa Sa differently compared to other idols such as Sulli.

Sulli recently made headlines again when she posted photos of herself in a polka dot bathing suit, stating that “Sulli becomes another hot issue after wearing a swimsuit.” Netizens have slowly started to notice that the headlines for Hwa Sa are often written in a very positive light whereas headlines for Sulli are often referring to her being controversial for things that Hwa Sa would be praised for.

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수영복을 왜 입었냐면

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One particular netizen comment nailed the point directly on the head saying:

“If Sulli wears a swimsuit or doesn’t wear a bra people are uncomfortable.. but if Hwa Sa doesn’t wear a bra she’s a girl crush? What’s wrong with people?”

Berry Good Johyun‘s cosplay outfit controversy was also brought up, saying that Hwa Sa’s outfits for the MAMA stage and other events were much more revealing but didn’t receive the same flack that Johyun did.

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