Rapper Mattrix issues a Death Threat against Swings

The drama on ‘Show Me the Money 8’ is ramping up, and definitely not in a good way.

Rapper Mattrix has been advancing in the show and made it past the second round, but is gaining negative attention for his controversial actions.

The rapper made it very clear that he doesn’t respect the judges, especially picking a bone with Swings saying that, “Swings is ruining Korean hip hop.” The rapper uploaded a series of stories on August 3, cursing at Swings, saying, “You think I can’t kill a person? I used to box. I do what I say. I can just stab him and rot in jail.”

Mattrix was previously seen on the August 2 broadcast throwing his necklace on the ground, saying he didn’t need it, after being accepted to the second round. He also took off his pants and started cursing at the judges in the second round as well, causing a lot of shock.

Source: allkpop.com


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