China’s New Law bans Male Idols from Looking ‘Too Feminine’ | Netizens React

Netizens are reacting to China’s latest law regarding male idols.

On ‘Wikitree’, Korean netizens discussed the issue of China’s plans to strictly control male idols from appearing “feminine” in media and on television programs.

According to recent SCMP reports, this new cultural law would tighten regulations on “nyangpao,” a word to describe men whose looks and behaviors would appear traditionally feminine.

To this news, Korean netizens are expressing their concern over the “so-called standard” for controlling and referring to certain male idols, such as TF Boys. Some comments include:

“Wow, isn’t this social regression?”

“We need to be careful in order to remain vigilant against these subtle forms of incitement.”
“No words…”
“Isn’t this the path to self-ruin?”

“What do you want us/them to do about this, though?”

Some netizens also agreed that this double standard would only be unfairly applied to “feminine men” and “not masculine women”.

A netizen satirically asserted, “Then why don’t you start legally punishing masculine-looking elderly women in China?”.

Another netizen wrote: “Oh my gosh. Do you think that ‘being feminine’ is worse than you thought and that it can make one look easy?”

In the article re-posted by ‘Wikitree’, commenters in China have allegedly also raised concerns, with comments such as: “What is the exact standard for ‘appearing feminine’?”, “Isn’t this just telling all the idols not to perform on stage?”.

What are your opinions on this issue?

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