Praye TinTin Fires Back at Serwaa Broni Over her Akufo-Addo Allegations

It takes some good number of time to build good relationship with a person, however, it may take just a second to destroy it.

This crops up when fickleness, among other factors finally sets in, mostly from one party towards the other.

Serwaa Broni made serious allegations against Ghana president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo days ago.

Today, Praye Tintin has firing back at her over an action that he believes is likely to “stop certain people from being kind to others.”

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The other half of music group Praye who has performed on several platforms of the NPP cautions that if she is fortunate to meet a president, stars, etc. she should not ruin those beautiful memories.

Praye Tintin makes his known in a Facebook post on Sunday evening, days after Serwaa Broni went viral with her video.

“We will all die oneday leaving our fame,money and all behind.. if you are fortunate to some opportunities like meeting a President, stars etc for pictures and all,dont allow certain decisions to destroy that beautiful memories, for such comes once in a million.. Let us beware of our actions that will only block or stop certain people from being kind to others. We are all free in making decisions but not free from the results.. #Speakthetruth #Acceptyourmistakes,” Praye Tintin writes.

Serwaa Broni‘s rant over Akufo-Addo was greeted with divergent reaction from netizens.

While some were enthused about the allegations made by the Canada-based Ghanaian, others shot it down.

Serwaa Broni Praye Tintin

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