BIG INTERVIEW: Young Movie Director Majeed Sayibu talks to Yaw Sarpon

Each day a Ghanaian somewhere around the globe is brightening the corner and one of such persons is an Airman First Class of the US Air Force, a 24-year old undergraduate at the University of Phoenix and a proud product of Ghana called Majeed Sayibu.

Majeed is a mixed-native from the Northern and Upper East regions of Ghana. He grew up in Accra and had his high school education at T.I. Ahmadiyya SHS in Kumasi where he studied General Arts.

Below is the full interview

YS360: You are directing Obscurum, is it your maiden film?

MS: Yes it is my first feature length movie. I have done some documentary film works for the Air Force but this is my biggest film yet.

YS360: Considering the documentary, you have some level of experience but how do you see this new project?

MS: The scope of the project is daunting. It’s a big production and we’re trying to push the boundaries of the horror film genre.

YS360: Can you mention some of the documentaries you have directed for the Air Force?

MS: Unfortunately that’s classified stuff. I still serve in the Air Force so I’m by its laws.

YS360: Horror films comes with a lot more work, do you think your team, will be able to deliver a masterpiece production?

MS: Indeed! Our goal is to make a classic for these times. The preparation and efforts being put into the project is immense. For instance shooting is not until next May. Because we wanted to make sure everything was done right.

YS360: Can you briefly tell me what the Obscurum film really is about?

MS: It’s essentially about normal people experiencing abnormal and extraordinary things. We expect to unveil it to the fans in fall 2014. And there’s an underlying theme of tempting fate to the story. But of course it’s a horror film so expect some real scares.

YS360: How did you come by the title, Obscurum and how does it reflect the storyline?

MS: Obscurum is Latin word for “darkness” so it has a great deal to do with the entire production. I got the inspiration from my affinity for other horror movies. But yeah, the title is no accident at all. It’s in keeping with the story.

YS360: Relatively to our part of the world, you are quite young for the position of a Director and on a horror movie, how did you land the job?

MS: Even here too I’m considered too young for it. I guess my Executive Producer was very pleased with the pitch I gave him. I’m also co-financing it so things just worked out for the better.

YS360: Your last words to the general public?

MS: I hope that we keep getting support from the fans and in the coming weeks we will be announcing the cast and some other behind the scenes material. We just thank the fans and you [Yaw Sarpon] for the support.

YS360: Thank you and the entire Obscurum crew for making this interview possible.

MS: That’s wonderful.

Story by: Yaw Sarpon

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