Ghana’s Elikem Get All the Love from Africa

ElikemIf this is not love, then what else could be?

Moments after Elikem was crowned next week’s HoH, making him a sure Finalist in The Chase, his madam Pokello and their fans took to Twitter to congratulate heir man.

Polikem, as they are fondly referred to on our Twitter and Facebook streets, have been the hottest topic on the lips of Big Brother The Chase fans across the continent since their relationship blossomed in the House.

The two were joined at the hip and shunned all haters in the House, focusing on their game and sticking to their no-nonsense attitude.

So, it was no surprise that Pokello was one of the first to Tweet about her man’s victory today. Check out the congratulatory Tweets below:

“My heart never lied to me. HOH all the way to the final! I believed in u then and I believe in u now.”

“Ghana stand my and be counted!!! Elikem runs the city!”

“Congrats to Elikem.”

“If you can not learn anything in Bba. Learn from Elikem’s story. Choose your battles wisely”

“Ghana peeps must be proud RT @ediralf: I Liiiike it! RT @acoustic_geri: Elikem is guaranteed a spot at the …

That n**gga Elikem can breathe easy and enjoy his last few days in the House without any pressure of being Evicted before the Finale.

He can start working on the killer outfit he will be walzing in at the Finale and on his way to meet his lady, Pokello.

Can Elikem get a whoop whoop for making it to the Finale?

Source: BBA

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