Miss Teen Ghana 2013 Finals Set for September13

Miss Teen Ghana 2013It is official. The grand finale of this year’s edition of the annual Miss Teen Ghana beauty and intelligence show will come off at the National Theatre in Accra on September 13, it was revealed at a well-organised press launch on Saturday night at the University of Professional Studies campus.

The yearly teen pageant, designed for students between the ages of 15-19 years to help select a national representatives for the Miss Teen World Pageants will have this year’s winner, like the Queens of the previous two contests, travel outside the country to participate at the global event but not before overcoming what certainly appears to be tough competition after 19 beautiful, intelligent, eloquent and confident young ladies were unveiled as contestants for the 2013 crown.

According to Abdul Nasir Tofik, Managing Director of Meas Media Concept, organizers of the Miss Teen Ghana event, patronage and competition have shot up significantly so much he predicts a programme which will surpass all expectations when it finally comes off.

We want to thank God for a successful Press Launch of the third edition of MISS TEEN Ghana. We appreciate the effort of all those who came to show their support. The turnout was up to expectation and we appreciate your patience and contributions,” Abdul Nasir Tofik said.

The Meas Media Concept chief continued: “We are more than ready for September 13. Everything has improved tremendously compared to the past two years and I’m very impressed. Everybody is praising what we have done so far. From the auditions, recruitment and preparations towards this launch, everything has been great.”

Mr. Tofik told www.sportsinghana.com: “Everybody is talking about style, custome, the girls’ intelligence and even the catwalk today, everything has improved. People are praising it, it could be our biggest and best competition by a distance.”

Indeed aside the ultimate prize for the 2013 Miss Teen Ghana, other complimentary award categories have been instituted to inspire and bring out the very best in all the contestants all season long. Miss Beach Beauty, Miss Beauty with a Purpose, Miss Top Model, Best Regional Presentation, Best Regional Costume, Miss Beauty and Miss Personality are all up for grabs along the way.

“We are camping the girls during which we will organize a lot of programmes at various locations to see the very best worthy of this year’s crown. It’s not just about being beautiful outside, we want to see who is beautiful inside,” Mr. Tofik explained.

He enunciated further: “So we will take them to a village where there is no light or any amenities, let them live with the villagers so we will see. Then there is also the Miss Personality which will be voted by the contestants themselves for the one person they see as most unique. There are a lot of incentives and attractive events this year and we can’t wait for September 13.”

Source: Prince Dornu-Leiku

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