Stop Breaking Up R2bees

Let’s stop breaking up R2Bees, artistes of the Year for VGMA 2013 with divisive comments and remarks.

Mugees is a good song composer than Paedae! Mugees raps better than Paedae! Mugees can survive if he goes solo! Mugees is the backbone of R2Bees! Mugee’s lyrics are matured than Paedae! And so what? If indeed Paedae’s input in the group is wussy, how come R2Bees is now the Artistes of the Year for Ghana Music Awards 2013? Why didn’t the organizers give it to only Mugees? The answer is because they both contributed something to achieve that feat. Mugees is good in his own-way and so is Paedae. The fact that many root for Mugees does not make Paedae an in-utile character for the group. Mugees has his fans and Paedae has his too. The two fans put together, make R2Bees a strong force.
Granted Mugees is better than Paedae; have we forgotten the wisdom in the saying “every chain is as strong as its weakest link?”For instance, the fact that men are stronger than women does not mean the latter is of less importance. If God wanted only those who are stronger to live in this world, perhaps God would not have created females because they are the weaker sex. However, God knew though females are weaker, they will complement men in all endeavors.
Don’t we all get shocked and crestfallen when groups break? Don’t we have evidence of groups that broke up and today the center is not holding? Of course, there are some groups that broke up and each are doing well in their solo music career, but, it’s always a journey of discovery. Why not be where you are now as R2Bees with all the goodies; rather than go experimenting……I strongly admonish Mugees to pay deaf ears to what people are saying. The same people will fuel your break up and after breaking up if your solo careers take a nose dive, the same people will hypocritically say; “R2Bees were even better when they were together,” as they  did to Wutah.
We should not forget that R2Bees have been nominated for BET Awards. Any negativity we publish or say about them can adversely affect their triumph. BET Awards organizers do not just nominate artiste (s) and sit back with their hands in their “damirifa;” they read around to update themselves with regards to the credibility of who wins what. Our “Ratatata…” boys should come to Ghana with the award come what may. Flex newspaper promises to use our august medium to promote them come rain or shine. If R2Beses wins, Ghana has won. Until then…..MOTWUM!!


Osarfo Anthony


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